FabricArt Membranes have established in 2004 by Dr. Fevzi DANSIK and Dr. Meltem SAHIN. As can be seen from the founders, FabricArt drives her strength from the academic knowledge. Furthermore, Dr. F. DANSIK studied on the form finding process of tensile structures and developed new algorithms based on force density method. He gained his PhD degree from the Space Structures Research Centre of University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. FabricArt is still in the academic activities to follow the developments and to share her experience in the field of tensile structures. The both partners are assistant professor in the oldest architectural school in Turkey. Also, they are individual members of International Assembly of Spatial Structures, IASS. FabricArt is a partner of TENSINET “The Communication Network for Tensile Structures in Europe”. FabricArt has already participated in many different activities and workshops. In 2007, Dr. F. DANSIK was invited speaker in Textile Roofs 2007 workshop in Berlin which is the oldest and the most reputable event in the field. FabricArt has already implemented her knowledge into real projects and has successfully completed nearly a hundred different tensile structures. FabricArt has covered approximately 100.000 sq. meters area in less than 5 years. These projects are not only in Turkey but also in overseas countries that listed in sequel. Furthermore, our latest achievement is to have a part in ‘KHAN TENT’ as a consulting and project management. The KHAN TENT, designed by Norman FOSTER and being built in Astana – Kazakhstan, is one of the biggest tents in the world made of ETFE foil. FabricArt team have been trained with all international theoretical background and gained a lot of experience by implementing projects. FabricArt has 1500 sq. meters indoor workshop and 1000 sq. meters outdoor storage area in Turkey. FabricArt is now partner Al-Mirkaz in Riyadh, KSA. Al-Mirkaz is also the most reputable tensile structure manufacture since they did Mina Project which is the biggest PTFE coated glass fabric structure so far. This way, the both parties doubled their power. FabricArt provides solutions for conceptual designs, engineering works, consultancy, manufacturing and installation for tensile structures. . FabricArt can give all these services separately or as a turnkey solution project. FabricArt is one of the few companies in the market that has theoretical background combined with implementation experience. Hence, FabricArt can provide solutions for any size of project with PVC quoted polyester, PTFE quoted glass fibers, Silicon quoted glass fibers and ETFE foils materials.